BM Sun Shade & Tents by BM Group

Sun-Shade & Tent

BM Sun Shade & Tents by BM Group, the leading sun-shade & shade fabric fabrication company with more than a decade’s experience in the sector. We take care of the entire project through our technical, design and installation departments.

Some of the clients we have supported over the years are Schools, Nurseries, Govt. Institutes, Sports centers, Shopping centers, Hotels, Airports, Transportation Stations and Corporate offices.

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We offer a great variety of models where customers are able to choose between a wide range of colors for the fabrics and for the steel structure. Designed to withstand strong winds and even snow with warranties up to 10 years.

At BM Sun Shade & Tents, we have expertise for all types of steel structures, aluminum and stainless steel with fabric types covering PTFE, PVC, PVDF, HDPE, KNITTED, ACRYLIC, Polythene, Canvas and tarpaulins. We excel in making Car Parking Shades, Swimming Pool Shades, School Shades, Roof Shades, Sitting Area Shades, Mosque Shades, Frame Tents, Awnings, Canopies, Beach Umbrellas, Pickup Covers, Family Tents, Camping Tents, Canopies, Kids Tent, Warehouse and Factory Sheds etc.

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