Bait Al Maaref General Maintenance & Contracting by BM Group


Bait Al Maaref General Maintenance & Contracting by BM Group, the leading general maintenance company with more than a decade’s experience in the sector. We take care of the entire project through our technical, design and installation departments.

  • Manufacturer of ISO 9001:2008 Standard products.
  • Innovative and customized designs as per Client’s requirements.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our Business!
  • Our Product Range

    Panel Tanks (Insulated & Non-Insulated) | Cylindrical Tanks | Insulated Cylindrical Tanks | Under Ground Tank Lining | Car Parking Sheds | Gratings | Ladder Non-Slip Type | AC Tray | Bath Tubs and Shower Trays | AC Grill Covers | Piller Covers | Doors | Roof Sheds (Colour and Clear) | Planter Pots | Luggage Box | DOME | Manhole Covers with Frame | Manhole Lining and Benching Lining | Gutter Lamination | Pile Caps | Litter Bins | Water Meter Cabin | Motor Covers | Portacabin

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